PhpStorm: my plugins list

Those are some of the plugins I use daily while working on PhpStorm in alphabetic order: .ignore BashSupport

Remove MySQL from Ubuntu

rm -rf /var/run/mysqld rm -rf /var/log/mysql rm -rf /var/lib/mysql sudo apt-get remove dbconfig-mysql sudo apt-get purge mysql* sudo

Ansible role to generate unlimited SSL certificates

This is the task for SSL generation:   This is the parameters I used:

Install SSL TLS in your development machine

This one took me a lot of time to get my head over! Introduction Openssl is a TLS/SSL and

Linux: awesome helping commands

Search all log files for the word debug case insensitive Delete all files except one: The same but

Debugging GNUPG

I have this error on my server: And this is how I fixed it: Short answer Remove old

Using Putty to connect to an SHH tunnel

If in Linux you use this command to make a tunnel: Then this is how you translate the

Connecting to MySQL through SSH tunnel

In this post we see how to connect to a MySQL server using SSH tunnel and local forwarding.

Vagrant: Relative paths in Ansible roles

The default path to the current working directory for any role is the role directory itself! So if

Windows search sucks!

Windows search is sometimes stupid! It cannot find files/folders when they exist!! I just went and installed Everything

VirtualBox: increase screen resolution on Mac Os as a guest

I mounted MacOS 10.12 Sierra as a virtual machine on a windows host. By default the screen resolution is 1024×768,

Plentymarkets: the worst shopping system ever!

At my work we deal often with shopping systems to get orders or customer data and sent it

Hide password on MinTTY and Cygwin

If you want to use SMB folder sharing for vagrant on a windows machine, you will need to