Windows search sucks!

Windows search is sometimes stupid! It cannot find files/folders when they exist!! I just went and installed Everything

VirtualBox: increase screen resolution on Mac Os as a guest

I mounted MacOS 10.12 Sierra as a virtual machine on a windows host. By default the screen resolution is 1024×768,

Plentymarkets: the worst shopping system ever!

At my work we deal often with shopping systems to get orders or customer data and sent it

Hide password on MinTTY and Cygwin

If you want to use SMB folder sharing for vagrant on a windows machine, you will need to


I have this vagrant setup where I map my shared folder to a folder where I have all

Add subdomain to a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate

First of all, add an entry to the DNS zone; you can do this in your host panel. Pointer

From China to Berlin; the flight of a MacBook Air

Ordered a custom MacBook Air, 13″ from Apple Germany on the 16. August 2016 and followed its travel plane

Atlassian Confluence tips

Those are some useful snippets to use when editing an Atlassian Confluence page. Insert datepicker: type two forward slashes:

Disable Xdebug when installing Composer packages

Find  the folder where composer is installed: Open the composer file and replace: with The parameters we passed to

Using Xdebug on windows and PhpStorm

Check which php.ini you are using with  Install Xdebug Check which version of PHP are you using, thread

Using Grunt with requirejs

When using the grunt-contrib-requirejs module, it takes a lot of time to compile the final file. I needed a

Quick Tip: Search shell for command-line history

While using Babun (a windows shell) sometimes I need to retype a previous command, so i just use

Use Babun as a terminal in PhpStorm

In order to Use Babun (or other Cygwin clones) as a terminal in PhpStorm and make it open